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Proud to support Rural Charities & Voluntary Organisations


The Rural Safety Partnership and our Supporters are proud to support Rural Charities & Voluntary Organisations through Effective Partnerships Working.

Promoting and enforcing health and safety at work standards in Northern Ireland



Farm Link

A classroom in the countryside

FarmLink provides fun and learning through an informative “hands-on” approach to education in a countryside setting.
Annually we provide the opportunity for over 30,000 children to enhance the learning embodied in the core subjects and in a number of the foundation subjects of the National Curriculum at all four Key Stages.
We do this through a number of carefully planned and structured themes and topics delivered in the environment at and around working farms and this will continue after the 2014 restructuring of the National Curriculum.
These programmes are led by experienced farmers, teachers and countrymen and women.


Rural Charities & Voluntary Organisations


The Farmer Network Ltd is a not for profit company that provides help and support to farmers and their businesses. Formed in 2005, the company currently has more than 1,000 members between two network’s in Cumbria and The Yorkshire Dales. We are a friendly, grassroots farmer’s organisation with an experienced team of people used to dealing with most queries and challenges that today’s farm business can throw up. If we don’t know the answer, we will know the right person who does, through our many corporate members, sponsors and other associates. That is why we encourage all members to contact The Farmer Network as a first port of call. We’re “always here to help”!



The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times. FCN is a network of over 400 volunteers, many of whom are involved in farming, or have close links with agriculture and therefore have a great understanding of the issues farm workers and farming families regularly face. Volunteers provide free, confidential, pastoral and practical support to anyone who seeks help, whether the issues is personal or business-related.


The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I) is farming’s oldest and largest welfare charity and supports people from the sector in financial need.

Each year, R.A.B.I gives out around £2m in grants across England and Wales to people of all ages, including the sick, elderly and disabled as well as working families. In our experience, farmers generally do not readily seek charity. However, there is no shame in turning to R.A.B.I for help through the bad times. Bad weather, animal disease (especially TB), fluctuating prices affecting cash flow and late subsidy payments are all things that contribute to hardship, but usually it’s not one thing that forces people to turn to R.A.B.I, it’s a combination of factors. And with the best will in the world, it’s impossible to plan for every ‘bolt from the blue’. That is the real reason why R.A.B.I is still around after 157 years, because the only real certainty in farming is uncertainty.

Call the R.A.B.I Freephone Helpline on 0808 281 9490


Supporting People in Scottish Agriculture


Today, RSABI is a thoroughly modern charity, with a corporate structure and a Board of Trustees who, whilst having their roots in the land, bring, on a voluntary basis, the necessary variety of skills required to govern the charity.  RSABI provides financial and practical support and friendship to over 600 individuals and their families across a range of occupations with the common theme of working on the land in Scotland.  We have a skilled and dedicated staff team who work together and are ready to help, in strictest confidence, anyone who comes to us who is within our scope and in need of support.


The RABDF is the sole UK charity focused on the unique needs of milk producers.  We are the only national dairy membership association with the freedom and capacity to lobby.  We have unique relationships up and down our whole supply chain, giving us far reaching impact.  And we are the only dairy organisation holding a Royal Warrant, with the influence that brings.

Times have changed and like our members, we have taken a long hard look at our activities.  This has meant a switch to areas where we can offer genuine and sustained value – on our own or with others.  We believe these changes offer exceptional value to RABDF members.

RABDF will now focus on four areas and all future activity will fall within this framework:

  • Influencing and lobbying
  • Developing young talent
  • Improving business resilience
  • Identifying and showcasing ground-breaking innovation”
  • dairy-farmers



The AgriFood Charities Partnership (AFCP) helps to foster and facilitate collaboration between charities spanning UK food and farming. The sector faces unprecedented challenges as Britain leaves the European Union. Working together to support the most pressing needs of the sector is now more urgent than ever. AFCP members share a common objective to deliver new science, skills and public education that benefits the whole agrifood sector and society.



The RSP is a proud Ambassador for Crimestoppers an independent charity helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes.
When you contact Crimestoppers your anonymity is guaranteed whether you choose to contact them on 0800 555 111 or by using their simple Anonymous Online Form.


The RSP supports Fearless a youth brand of the independent national charity Crimestoppers. Fearless encourages young people to make positive, informed decisions around crime and criminality. Uniquely, young people can also pass on information anonymously about crime to Fearless this empowers young people to have a voice in their community to help prevent crime.



Action on accidents

The RSP is proud to support ROSPA who for almost 100 years has been quietly working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. Accidents are the biggest threat to you and your family for most of your life. More than 14,000 people die as a result of accidents across the UK each year.

Proud 2b Safe

Taking Your Safety Journey beyond Compliance & Supporting your companies H&S initiative

The Rural Safety Partnership is proud to support Proud2bSafe the brainchild of Jason Anker MBE, who was always concerned about how the impact of his own story of a life changing accident at work would have over time. He took 3 years to develop a programme that would revolutionise the way you think about safety, not just in the workplace but in everything you do. Proud2bSafe is a totally unique journey for any company regardless of size or industry, who are prepared to take their safety journey beyond compliance working alongside your health & safety programme. They take a simple approach to deliver a very clear message and that is regardless of your company status you have a duty, a moral duty to speak up about the health and safety of you and your colleagues.

Buy Wise be Safe


The RSP supports Buy Wise be Safe  – SWERCOTS Is a partnership of 15 local authority trading standards services, who work together to maximise the benefits of regional collaboration and to enable each partner to be more effective in the delivery of locally responsive services. Our common purpose is to promote a fair and safe trading environment to protect the interests of consumers and reputable businesses in south west England.

Safety Connect

Safety Connect – Connecting Local Community Organisations across Britain who work to improve Safety, Health & the Environment in their local areas.

Sunderland Safety Group – Make Sunderland a safer place in which to live and work

NOSHEA – The Northamptonshire Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Association


Company in Focus


Cross Compliance Solutions is delighted to announce its new service Farm Safety Solutions.
We specialise in Risk Management where we identify all of the risks and security weaknesses on your farm.
All farmers have responsibilities to their staff and contractors; let us help you with the policies and procedures that will keep you compliant with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Our research has shown us that the risk assessment is the most common Health & Safety document failure.
CXCS was established in 2009 when Chairman, Charles Mayson (FACTS) switched from advising clients on producing the best yields on their farms, to advising clients on cross compliance issues.
This ever growing business has expanded to national status with over 1,000 clients. With 20 full time qualified staff the company offers farmers the peace of mind and comforting knowledge that their documents will be handled and processed accurately and efficiently.
Supporting farmers through many inspections from the Rural Payments Agency and the Environment Agency, CXCS guarantee that the cross compliance paperwork will pass any inspection.

Orchard Barns
Crump Oak Farm

Company in Focus

Rural Safety Services Ltd is a professional health and safety and training service provider company serving the rural counties. We are Nebosh Diploma, Sema Approved Rack Inspector, RTITB Instructor qualified and an IOSH licensed training provider.

We can take the pressure off you to comply with your health and safety obligations in order to protect you, your workforce, other persons and your business. We will work with you to find out exactly what you need, and then do all of the hard work for you.

We can provide tailor made health and safety packages for your business.

Health and safety services

Competent person packages

On site IOSH safety courses

Pallet rack inspections

On site pallet rack inspection training

On site forklift training

ISO 14001: 2015

Rural Safety Services

Telephone: 07951 307192


Company in Focus

Datatag’s state of the art identification technologies are probably the most sophisticated Number 1 Security Marking and Registration Systems designed to stop theft.

Datatag is the country’s most trusted security marking company and the power behind the CESAR Scheme.  CESAR is the AEA (Agricultural Engineers Association) and CEA’s (Construction Equipment Association) official security marking scheme protecting the UK’s plant and agricultural equipment since 2009.
Fitted as standard to many leading brands it has protected over 225,000 individual assets and police statistics show it is a significant deterrent in theft.
Datatag also provide security marking for trailers, 4x4s, ATVs, equine products as well as motorcycles, outboard engines, boats and cycles.

Head office
Marine House, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8BF
Tel: +44 (0)3 450 700 440