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“Do you love living and working in the countryside but are tired of the slow broadband speeds and “not-spot” mobile phone coverage?

With a background in both agriculture and telecommunications Fieldtalk understands the communication challenges your rural business can face, the environment you have to work in, and what’s important to you to help run your business efficiently . We have put together a product range to help the rural business, whether it’s your internet speed, mobile signal, two way radio communication,  Fieldtalk will find a solution.

FIELDTALK  are a specialist division of Lister Unified Communications, one of the largest and most experienced telecommunications suppliers in the South West. Our agricultural heritage dates back 150 years, when Sir Robert Aston Lister, great-great grandfather of the owners Rob and Tom Lister, founded R A Lister & Co. in Dursley, Gloucestershire in 1867. There are not many farms in the UK that haven’t at one time had a Lister diesel generator, grain-dryer, bale elevator, or sheep shears in use!”