The Rural Safety Partnership is the Membership Organisation for Public & Private Organisations supplying
Safety, Security, Protection Products & Specialist Services to Britain’s Rural & Countryside Community.




Britain’s Rural & Countryside Community

Over 20% of our population live and work in Rural & Countryside areas of Britain “a geographic area or countryside area that is located outside towns and cities”.


Rural & Countryside Safety

SAFETY in our Rural & Countryside areas really matters and we feel that this vital part of Britain’s Community has in many respects been left to its own devices for far too long.


The Rural Safety Partnership decided to do something positive about it and make a real difference. We bring together Professional Organisations committed to supporting this vital part of Britain’s Community.

Rural Safety Alliance

Our Supporters fully understand all aspects of RURAL & COUNTRYSIDE LIFE. Working as a Rural Safety Alliance we provide customers with one point of contact, a dedicated Professional service & a comprehensive range of RURAL LIFE SAFETY products & services.

Our aim is Simple

To proactively market and promote these organisations directly to Britain’s Rural & Countryside Sector helping people living and working in these areas to STAY & KEEP SAFE.


Our Objective

We want people living and working in these Communities to be able to source Professional help and engage with Professional organisations simply, with no cost to them & with total confidence.

Rural & Countryside Challenges


We fully understand that people living and working in this Community face very different daily challenges to that of our urban contemporaries.

Rural & Countryside Crime


Criminals don’t care whose lives they ruin in the cities or the countryside. Not only does rural crime have a significant effect on the farming community,it also impacts towns and cities.

Utilising the latest advances in technology we work to deter, detect and  monitor unwanted visitors giving our Police the help and support it needs.


Rural & Countryside Protection

By identifying and reducing threats, vulnerabilities and risks to people living and working in Rural & Countryside Britain, we can ensure that its people and assets are protected and kept safe.


Rural & Countryside Communications


Taking the PAIN out of Rural & Countryside Communications and keeping you Safe. Rural Broadband, Mobile Communications, 2 Way Radio, Tracking devices, SIM technology and devices designed to reduce the risk, keep you safe and in touch.

Rural & Countryside Food Safety


Our food and farming industry builds rural communities and it supports our beautiful natural environment. If your business deals in food you must make sure food is safe to eat – Please visit Agri Food Safety sector.

Rural and Countryside Design and Build


Safety for modern agriculture and industrial buildings involves fabricators, designers, surveyors, planners and manufacturers. We are bringing together professional companies and reputable market leaders uniquely placed to deliver the highest quality standards & safety for their clients.

Life Safety & Asset Protection


It is important that you, your workers and assets are protected and kept as safe as possible at all times. Whether you are a Farmer with a small holdings of a few animals to larger, more complex operations insurance can protect your livelihood and your future.

Britain’s Green and Pleasant Land


We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Britain’s Rural & Countryside Communities of Rolling countryside, mountainous views and peaceful coastlines are what make Britain what it is today.

We can read about crime figures, police resources, lobbying and Policy making but it is practical, hands on approach that will make the real difference.

We hope people living and working in this vital part of our community find our platform beneficial to them.

Keeping you Safe and Protected


Rural & Countryside Community Initiatives


The RSP is a proud Ambassador for Crimestoppers an independent charity helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes.
When you contact Crimestoppers your anonymity is guaranteed whether you choose to contact them on 0800 555 111 or by using their simple
Anonymous Online Form.

The RSP supports Fearless a youth brand of the independent national charity Crimestoppers. Fearless encourages young people to make positive, informed decisions around crime and criminality. Uniquely, young people can also pass on information anonymously about crime to Fearless this empowers young people to have a voice in their community to help prevent crime.


Action on accidents

The RSP is proud to support ROSPA who for almost 100 years has been quietly working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents.Accidents are the biggest threat to you and your family for most of your life. More than 14,000 people die as a result of accidents across the UK each year.

Suffolk Police – Rural Policing Strategy 2017

On behalf of Tim Passmore , Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk . Tim  would like to thank you for your positive and supportive comments about Suffolk Constabulary and acknowledging the resources that have been invested  into Rural Safety and his  Police and Crime Plan, making Suffolk a safer place to live , work and invest. The newly launched strategy recognises that the impact of crime can be higher in rural communities, and people living in remote areas may feel particularly vulnerable because of their isolation.The strategy supports Suffolk’s Police and Crime Plan priorities to protect vulnerable people; focus on prevention and early intervention; cut crime and anti-social behavior; improve victim care and support the RURAL ECONOMY.


The RSP supports Buy Wise be Safe  – SWERCOTS Is a partnership of 15 local authority trading standards services, who work together to maximise the benefits of regional collaboration and to enable each partner to be more effective in the delivery of locally responsive services. Our common purpose is to promote a fair and safe trading environment to protect the interests of consumers and reputable businesses in south west England.

About us


We promote & market organisations who support our RURAL SAFETY & RENEWABLE ENERGY Initiatives:

Code of Conduct

The Rural Safety Partnership will always work in the best interests of the customer.

Customer driven platform

Our customer driven proposition puts the customer first, the platform is designed for the Customer.

Customer choice

We do not monitor or manage enquiries the customer decides who to engage directly from our platform not us.

Customer feedback

An essential part of improving and maintaining our standard, we encourage you to contact us immediately if you have any concerns or complaints.


Our Marketing team promote organisations listed on our platform using professional Sales & Marketing techniques.

Safety Connect

Safety Connect is the National Awards Programme for Safety Organisation Members who have made a “real difference” to Safety in our sector.

Customer Reach

We have ambitious and exciting plans to develop the model further and to extend our reach to more Rural Customers.

Independent and Impartial

The Rural Safety Partnership has no allegiance or commitment to any Company or individual.

Totally transparent

We operate a are totally transparent platform.

No conflict of interest

We do not sell or recommend products or services.

We support Charities

We are a commercial business however we do support . dot org, and not-for-profit organisations by providing Commercial Expertise and Experience through “goodwill”.

Terms & Conditions

We make every effort to ensure that the details provided to us by companies and individuals listed on the website are accurate and current.
We cannot accept any liability for the information being false, untrue or not current.

Customer advice

Organisations promoted on our website will have their own terms and conditions of trading.
We strongly recommend that you are fully aware of these prior to engagement of any Company or individual resulting from our marketing activities.

Trading Brands & Trademarks

Our trading brands trademarked to the Rural Safety Partnership Company number 10190230 incorporating:

Rural Security Group
Safety Connect
Rural Services Group

Renewable Energy applications in Rural environment









Green Climate Britain
Solar Britain
Green Climate Deal
Green Alliance Britain
Renewable Britain
Energy Saving Britain
Low Carbon Britain
Clean Air Britain

 Protecting Livestock & Livelihoods

Privacy Statement

All details listed on the Rural Safety Partnership website are privileged and confidential and must not be used or copied.

safety-logo-supportWe thank you for your support.
Les Barwick, Managing Director,Rural Safety Partnership.