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SAFETY in our Rural & Countryside areas really matters and we feel that this vital part of Britain’s Community has in many respects been left to its own devices for far too long. The Rural Safety Partnership decided to do something positive about it and make a real difference. We bring together Professional Organisations committed to supporting this vital part of Britain’s Community.


Britain’s Rural & Countryside Community

Over 20% of our population live and work in Rural & Countryside areas of Britain “a geographic area or countryside area that is located outside towns and cities”.

Britain’s Rural & Countryside Safety Organisation

Covers Rural & Countryside Communities incorporating Farming, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries, Conservation, Equine activities, Rural Estate Management and other Businesses that get their income from the rural economy and the residents that support them.

Rural Security Group

Keeping you Safe and Protected


Farm Safety

Unfortunately farming has a poor safety record when compared to other sectors of the economy. All farm accidents are sad, but the saddest thing is that they are preventable. By following simple advice you can help prevent accidents that often have devastating consequences for farming families and communities.

Together with our supporters in the Rural Safety Partnership we are working on raising awareness and reducing the risk and harm to farmers, their employees and families faced by those in our Farming industry.

Rural Insurance & Risk Management

When seven farmers from the Midlands set out to attract new union members in 1910, few of them would have predicted how successful they’d be.

Yet, over a century later, NFU Mutual continues to offer expert insurance to the farming community and remains an integral part of the British countryside. We’ve grown to become a leading name outside farming too, and now offer an extensive range of personal cover with the same expertise.

It’s our mutuality which sets us apart. We’re owned and run for you, our 900,000+ members, and we work hard to protect your interests. From our 300 local branches offering personal service to our tailored quotes you can’t get on price comparison sites, your needs are at the heart of everything we do.

NFU Farm Safety Partnership

The RSP is a member organisation of the NFU Farm Safety Partnership. This consists of organisations representing a broad spectrum of agricultural interests, including the large farming membership organisations; auctioneers; training providers; farming press; and machinery dealers.

The aims of the partnership are to:

  • To provide leadership to improve the safety of farms and allied industries.
  • To reduce the numbers of deaths and major injuries to farmers, workers and anyone else coming into contact with farming activities.

Children Safety

Tragically, fatal accidents involving children on farms have been all too common on farms over many years and every year children are killed during agricultural work activities. Agriculture has one of the highest fatal accident rates and is also the only high risk industry that has to deal with the constant presence of children. People often believe that farm children understand farm risks, but most children who die in farm incidents are family members. Please see Child Safety on Farms campaign by HSENI


Personal Safety in the Countryside

The RSP and our supporters can help you with personal safety advice and safety equipment.


Personal Safety refers to the freedom from physical harm and threat of physical harm, and freedom from hostility, aggression, harassment, and devaluation by members of the academic community. Safety includes worry about being victimised as well as actual incidents.
Rural & Countryside Britain is a wonderful place for work and play and although statistics show that it is safer to walk in the countryside rather than on city streets it still isn’t without risk.

We all want to be as safe as possible when out and about and there are a number of simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

  • Let people know where you are going and where you are working.
  • Carry a mobile phone or radio communications and make sure they are charged.
  • Walk on the right hand side of the road and please don’t wear headphones.
  • Don’t accept lifts from strangers and always use a valid taxi service.
  • Common sense, a bit of thought, planning, and being aware will all help with your Personal Safety.
  • Be aware & be safe.

It’s what we do

Our Supporters fully understand all aspects of RURAL & COUNTRYSIDE LIFE. We provide customers with one point of contact, a dedicated Professional service & a comprehensive range of RURAL LIFE SAFETY products & specialist services.

Our aim is Simple

To proactively market and promote these organisations directly to Britain’s Rural & Countryside Sector helping people living and working in these areas to STAY & KEEP SAFE.


Our Objective

We want people living and working in these Communities to be able to source Professional help and engage with Professional organisations simply, with no cost to them & with total confidence.

Rural & Countryside Challenges


We fully understand that people living and working in this Community face very different daily challenges to that of our urban contemporaries.

Rural & Countryside Crime

Criminals don’t care whose lives they ruin in the cities or the countryside. Not only does rural crime have a significant effect on the farming community,it also impacts towns and cities.

Balaclava Break Into Burglary Crowbar Thief

Tackling Rural Crime

For farmers, land-owners and residents of rural and countryside areas, the security of your property and assets is likely to have become a cause for concern.It’s no wonder either, with the cost of rural crime in the UK amounting to tens of millions of pounds every year.

Suffolk Police – Rural Policing Strategy 2017

On behalf of Tim Passmore , Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk . Tim  would like to thank the Rural Safety Partnership for their work in our Rural Communities and for their positive and supportive comments about Suffolk Constabulary and acknowledging the resources that have been invested  into Rural Safety and his  Police and Crime Plan, making Suffolk a safer place to live,work & invest.


Keeping you Safe

Victims of rural crime commonly suffer from the theft of valuable tools, machinery, fuel and livestock – all of which criminals look to sell-on quickly for profit.


Nuisance and unwanted visitors

Other crimes experienced include fly-tipping, vandalism and arson. Increasingly, action is being taken to reduce the amount of rural crime taking place, such as targeted Police work and new safety campaigns, which focus on analysing criminal trends and encouraging rural communities to take better precautions.

Latest technology and Smart systems

Utilising the latest advances in technology we work to deter, detect and  monitor unwanted visitors giving our Police the help and support it needs.


Rural & Countryside Protection

By identifying and reducing threats, vulnerabilities and risks to people living and working in Rural & Countryside Britain, we can ensure that its people and assets are protected and kept safe.

Protecting Livestock & Livelihoods


Livestock theft is incredibly difficult to protect yourself against, and is becoming increasingly common we are here to provide professional help and recommendations to help you combat.

You probably have done as much as you think possible, locked the gate, colour coded the stock or landscaped the terrain but there are systems and advances in technology to help protect your livestock and reduce financial loss.

Rural Safety Maps


Clear maps can be the best way to instruct employees, agents, and contractors. Confusion arises when maps are not up to date or not designed with this purpose in mind.

Rural & Countryside Communications


Lister Unified Communications

Taking the PAIN out of Rural & Countryside Communications and keeping you Safe. Rural Broadband, Mobile Communications, 2 Way Radio, Tracking devices, SIM technology and devices designed to reduce the risk, keep you safe and in touch.

Rural & Countryside Food Safety


Shield Safety Group

Our food and farming industry builds rural communities and it supports our beautiful natural environment. If your business deals in food you must make sure food is safe to eat – Please visit Agri Food Safety sector.

Rural and Countryside Design and Build


Safety for modern agriculture and industrial buildings involves fabricators, designers, surveyors, planners and manufacturers. We are bringing together professional companies and reputable market leaders uniquely placed to deliver the highest quality standards & safety for their clients.

Life Safety & Asset Protection


It is important that you, your workers and assets are protected and kept as safe as possible at all times. Whether you are a Farmer with a small holdings of a few animals to larger, more complex operations insurance can protect your livelihood and your future.


home_pageProud to support Rural Charities &
Voluntary Organisations

The Rural Safety Partnership and our Supporters are proud to support Rural Charities & Voluntary Organisations through Effective Partnerships Working.



Rural Charities & Voluntary Organisations


The Farmer Network Ltd is a not for profit company that provides help and support to farmers and their businesses. Formed in 2005, the company currently has more than 1,000 members between two network’s in Cumbria and The Yorkshire Dales. We are a friendly, grassroots farmer’s organisation with an experienced team of people used to dealing with most queries and challenges that today’s farm business can throw up. If we don’t know the answer, we will know the right person who does, through our many corporate members, sponsors and other associates. That is why we encourage all members to contact The Farmer Network as a first port of call. We’re “always here to help”!




The Farming Community Network (FCN) is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times. FCN is a network of over 400 volunteers, many of whom are involved in farming, or have close links with agriculture and therefore have a great understanding of the issues farm workers and farming families regularly face. Volunteers provide free, confidential, pastoral and practical support to anyone who seeks help, whether the issues is personal or business-related.


The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I) is farming’s oldest and largest welfare charity and supports people from the sector in financial need.

Each year, R.A.B.I gives out around £2m in grants across England and Wales to people of all ages, including the sick, elderly and disabled as well as working families. In our experience, farmers generally do not readily seek charity. However, there is no shame in turning to R.A.B.I for help through the bad times. Bad weather, animal disease (especially TB), fluctuating prices affecting cash flow and late subsidy payments are all things that contribute to hardship, but usually it’s not one thing that forces people to turn to R.A.B.I, it’s a combination of factors. And with the best will in the world, it’s impossible to plan for every ‘bolt from the blue’. That is the real reason why R.A.B.I is still around after 157 years, because the only real certainty in farming is uncertainty.

Call the R.A.B.I Freephone Helpline on 0808 281 9490


Supporting People in Scottish Agriculture


Today, RSABI is a thoroughly modern charity, with a corporate structure and a Board of Trustees who, whilst having their roots in the land, bring, on a voluntary basis, the necessary variety of skills required to govern the charity.  RSABI provides financial and practical support and friendship to over 600 individuals and their families across a range of occupations with the common theme of working on the land in Scotland.  We have a skilled and dedicated staff team who work together and are ready to help, in strictest confidence, anyone who comes to us who is within our scope and in need of support.



The RABDF is the sole UK charity focused on the unique needs of milk producers.  We are the only national dairy membership association with the freedom and capacity to lobby.  We have unique relationships up and down our whole supply chain, giving us far reaching impact.  And we are the only dairy organisation holding a Royal Warrant, with the influence that brings.

Times have changed and like our members, we have taken a long hard look at our activities.  This has meant a switch to areas where we can offer genuine and sustained value – on our own or with others.  We believe these changes offer exceptional value to RABDF members.

RABDF will now focus on four areas and all future activity will fall within this framework:

  1. Influencing and lobbying
  2. Developing young talent
  3. Improving business resilience
  4. Identifying and showcasing ground-breaking innovation”
  5. Note for your diarydairy-tech-logo_02_17_final-3




The AgriFood Charities Partnership (AFCP) helps to foster and facilitate collaboration between charities spanning UK food and farming. The sector faces unprecedented challenges as Britain leaves the European Union. Working together to support the most pressing needs of the sector is now more urgent than ever. AFCP members share a common objective to deliver new science, skills and public education that benefits the whole agrifood sector and society.



Promoting and enforcing health and safety at work standards in
Northern Ireland




The RSP is a proud Ambassador for Crimestoppers an independent charity helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes.
When you contact Crimestoppers your anonymity is guaranteed whether you choose to contact them on 0800 555 111 or by using their simple Anonymous Online Form.


The RSP supports Fearless a youth brand of the independent national charity Crimestoppers. Fearless encourages young people to make positive, informed decisions around crime and criminality. Uniquely, young people can also pass on information anonymously about crime to Fearless this empowers young people to have a voice in their community to help prevent crime.



Action on accidents

The RSP is proud to support ROSPA who for almost 100 years has been quietly working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. Accidents are the biggest threat to you and your family for most of your life. More than 14,000 people die as a result of accidents across the UK each year.

Proud 2b Safe

Taking Your Safety Journey beyond Compliance & Supporting your companies H&S initiative

The Rural Safety Partnership is proud to support Proud2bSafe the brainchild of Jason Anker MBE, who was always concerned about how the impact of his own story of a life changing accident at work would have over time. He took 3 years to develop a programme that would revolutionise the way you think about safety, not just in the workplace but in everything you do. Proud2bSafe is a totally unique journey for any company regardless of size or industry, who are prepared to take their safety journey beyond compliance working alongside your health & safety programme. They take a simple approach to deliver a very clear message and that is regardless of your company status you have a duty, a moral duty to speak up about the health and safety of you and your colleagues.

Buy Wise be Safe


The RSP supports Buy Wise be Safe  – SWERCOTS Is a partnership of 15 local authority trading standards services, who work together to maximise the benefits of regional collaboration and to enable each partner to be more effective in the delivery of locally responsive services. Our common purpose is to promote a fair and safe trading environment to protect the interests of consumers and reputable businesses in south west England.

Safety Connect

Safety Connect – Connecting Local Community Organisations across Britain who work to improve Safety, Health & the Environment in their local areas.

Sunderland Safety Group – Make Sunderland a safer place in which to live and work

NOSHEA – The Northamptonshire Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Association

About Us

The Rural Safety Partnership is a membership organisation promoting companies who support our Rural & Countryside Safety Initiative through our Rural Safety Platform.

Code of Conduct

The Rural Safety Partnership will always work in the best interests of the customer and will provide help and advice if requested.

Customer driven platform

Our customer driven proposition puts the customer first, the platform is primarily designed for the Customer.

Customer choice

We do not monitor or manage enquiries the customer decides who to engage directly from our platform not us.

Customer feedback

An essential part of improving and maintaining our standard, we encourage you to contact us immediately if you have any concerns or complaints.

Membership & Customer Reach

The RSG is a membership organisation and we have ambitious and exciting plans to develop the model further and to extend our reach to more Rural Customers. During 2017 our platform was offered to supporters free of charge. We are no longer able to promote and administer the platform for free. Starting in 2018 our platform will be based on a membership fee. This does not apply to Rural Charities or Voluntary Organisations.

Independent and Impartial

The Rural Safety Partnership has no allegiance or commitment to any Company or individual.

Totally transparent

We operate a totally transparent platform.

No conflict of interest

We do not sell or recommend products or services.

Terms & Conditions

We make every effort to ensure that the details provided to us by companies and individuals listed on the website are accurate and current.
We cannot accept any liability for the information being false, untrue or not current.

Customer advice

Organisations promoted on our website will have their own terms and conditions of trading.
We strongly recommend that you are fully aware of these prior to engagement of any Company or individual resulting from our activities.

Privacy Statement

All details listed on the Rural Safety Partnership website are privileged and confidential and must not be used or copied.

Trading Brands & Trademarks

Our trading brands trademarked to the Rural Safety Partnership Company number 10190230 incorporating:

Rural Security Group
Rural Business Connect
Rural Industries Group
Safety Connect



Britain’s Rural & Countryside Energy

Many homes and businesses in our Rural Communities are off-grid and have little option in choosing high-polluting energy sources, such as coal, heating oil or wood. They have a higher carbon footprint than they need to and often higher, per person, than their urban contemporaries, this is an opportunity for Rural Communities to embrace Renewable Energy.

Britain’s Energy Farming Community

Our Farming Community will play a significant part in Britain’s Energy needs through Solar Farms and Wind turbines hopefully in areas which do not spoil our landscape.

Britain’s Rural & Countryside Communities

We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Britain’s Rural & Countryside Communities of Rolling countryside, mountainous views and peaceful coastlines are what make Britain what it is today.

We can read about crime figures, police resources, lobbying and Policy making but it is a practical, hands on approach that will make the real difference.

We hope people living and working in this vital part of our community find our platform beneficial to them & we thank our supporters for their support.

safety-logo-supportLes Barwick, Managing Director, Rural Safety Partnership.